A Line 902 is one that, at a price very affordable for any company, offers an image of quality and service that today, requires any customer that contacts your company.

You do not need any special equipment (switchboard, systems, etc), only a fixed line where to receive the calls. In addition the cost of the call to 902, is assumed entirely by the calling customer, you do not pay for receiving calls in your 902; You can also have different configurations, to receive the calls according to the province where they call you, the time they call you, or even if you have several lines, you can configure your line 902 so that if one line communicates, jump to the other Automatically.

You can unify as many lines as you want in a single line 902, so that your customers and suppliers only have to remember a single number, making this an easy way to remember the number. Each feature will then be explained in more detail.

Below, we show you the options you have with our Basic Lines 902 service. Click on any section to expand the information