Nowadays it is imperative that the phone call service of a company, offers an image of seriousness and rigor in the attendance of your calls, since this is the gateway your customers will see when contacting your company.

For this reason, any competitive company has a Virtual Switchboard. A service at very low cost, which offers its clients an image of efficiency and professionalism, optimizing the performance of incoming calls and, most importantly, all of them.

You can activate your voicemail at the times that most interest you.
You will be sure to always receive the messages, in the email address indicated.
You can access them from anywhere you have internet access.
You can save the messages as long as you want.
The messages will be received in your email seconds after they have been left.
You can activate unlimited mailboxes in the same number 902.

Here are the options you have with our Faxtomail service. Click on any section to expand the information.

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