Were you injured in a scaffolding accident? There are always some risks involved when working with scaffolding and ladders but the manufacturer of the equipment might be responsible if the scaffolding malfunctioned or if the accident is a direct consequence of a design flaw. You should consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer or against the company or person who set up the scaffolding that caused the accident.

Determine Who Is Responsible

You need to start by determining who can be considered as responsible for your injuries. If the accident happened at work, your employer might be responsible. You should consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the scaffolding if the accident resulted from a design flaw or a malfunction. If you were injured by scaffolding that fell while you walked past it, the company that set up the scaffolding should be responsible for the accident.

Document What Happened

It will be easier to find a legal representative and to file a lawsuit if you can document and explain what happened. You might have a police report from the accident. You should also have statements from witnesses and medical records to document the nature and severity of the injuries. Make sure you keep all your medical records and don’t hesitate to have the medical experts who treat you write statements to explain how the injury has affected your life, for instance by explaining how it has impacted your ability to perform certain tasks.

Look Into Class Action Lawsuits

If you were injured by a scaffolding with a design flaw or by a product that malfunctioned, there might be a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the scaffolding. You should contact the legal firm behind this class action lawsuit so you can be added to the list of beneficiaries. This is the easiest way to receive a compensation since the legal firm will usually take care of everything once you submit enough proofs that you were injured in a scaffolding accident.

File An Individual Lawsuit

If there isn’t a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product that injured you or if your injury is the direct result of human negligence, you will have to file a lawsuit by yourself. This is something you can do without the help of a legal representative, but it is best to hire a specialized lawyer to represent you in court or to represent and negotiate for you if things get settled out of court.

Choose The Right Representative

It is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in injury cases. If possible, find someone who has a good track record with similar cases in your area. Contact different injury lawyers, ask them what kind of compensations they were able to obtain in similar cases and ask them to provide you with references. Look for someone who will work on your case themselves instead of having a paralegal professional do most of the work and ask them what kind of compensation they expect to be able to negotiate for you.

Don’t Settle For A Small Amount

The person or company responsible for the accident might offer an initial compensation so you can settle things out of court. It is possible to obtain a fair compensation without going to court, but you should not hesitate to negotiate, even if this means hiring a lawyer. Ask yourself if the initial compensation is fair and don’t accept anything right away. You should be able to obtain a compensation that covers all your medical expenses, your income if you were unable to work for a while and any future expenses that are linked to the accident and injury. Don’t settle for compensation that only covers your immediate medical bills.

If scaffolding injured you, you should start by gathering all the documents related to the accident, your injuries and any expenses that resulted from it. Do some research to find any existing class action lawsuits if the manufacturer of the equipment is responsible for the accident or look for a specialized lawyer or law firm that could represent you while you file an individual lawsuit against the party in charge of the accident.