Search engine optimization has emerged as one of the most effective ways to get targeted traffic to a website. Search engines use a lot of different factors to rank websites. Some of these important factors include quality of content, keyword density, length of content, links from other domains as well as various other factors. While some of the factors are out of reach of the webmasters, there are certain factors that are well within their reach and these factors can be manipulated to get high rankings in the search engines.

The content on the web page you’re trying to rank is one such factor, and therefore, you need to learn SEO copywriting best practices to make your website more relevant to search engines as well as to the end users.

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to SEO copywriting is that it involves making the website content more relevant to only search engines and does not take into account the user experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. While making the copy more relevant for search engines may get more traffic for a short period, the conversion rate will suffer from poor copy negating the effect of higher traffic.

Also, search engines have become exceedingly good at determining content that is not only relevant but also user-friendly. Therefore, content that is not user-friendly and is meant only for search engine consumption usually does not rank high these days.

First and foremost, it is important for you to realize that the content should be useful for the visitors. If it isn’t useful, you are unlikely to rank high and unlikely to get traffic from search engines. So, you should begin your SEO copywriting task by collating a big list of keywords that are relevant to the content you are going to write.

You should begin by identifying primary keywords as well as several long tail phrases before you start writing content. Keyword density has become a big factor that affects rankings and therefore, it is important that you do not stuff the primary keywords time and again in your content as it is seen as spam by search engines. Therefore, it is an important to identify several keywords related to the primary keywords and use those keywords throughout the content to make it relevant and also make it interesting for the readers.

As far as secondary keywords are concerned, there are some tools available online that can help generate hundreds of secondary keywords for a particular keyword at the click of a button. Do not forget to take advantage of several free as well as paid tools available online to generate hundreds of secondary keywords related to your target keywords. Use of secondary keywords and synonyms will not only help you in keeping the keyword density to a certain level but will also allow you to generate traffic from these secondary keywords and synonyms.

Another important part of SEO copywriting is the meta descriptions. These are the snippets of text that appears underneath the title in the search engine results. While the inclusion of keywords in meta descriptions has lost its relevance over the years but these meta descriptions are still extremely important for click through rates, and it is speculated that click through rates is one of the factors used by Google as well as other search engines to determine the relevancy of a website for a particular search query.

Therefore, it is important to take your time while writing meta descriptions to get more traffic from the search engines even if your website is not the top result.

The page title is also very important regarding SEO copywriting. It is the text appearing in the browser tab, and many webmasters think that it is extremely important to include the targeted keyword in the page title. Over the years, research studies done by various SEO enthusiasts have determined that only the first 60 characters in length matter when it comes to the page title. Therefore, it is important for you to include your primary keyword right at the start in order to get SEO benefit.

The headline of a page that appears in the search results also plays a big role in click-through rate from the search engines to your website. The headline should contain not only your keyword but also include a variety of secondary key phrases in an entertaining manner. You should take a look at the headlines used by various magazines and websites designed to attract traffic from social media networks.

Another important factor you need to consider is the subheadings. It is recommended to use your secondary keywords in the subheadings to make it more user-friendly and relevant to search engines. Over the years, content length has also emerged as one of the important factors. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not write long content just to add words to the article but make sure that it is relevant and useful for the end user.

Overall, keep the SEO mentioned above copywriting best practices to get high-quality traffic from search engines or you could hire a professional SEO Company to make it easier.